Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here choccy choccy choccy

Tis chocolate, tis yummy, tis good!

Dad's birthday cake

My dad's birthday was on the weekend and knowing what a big kid he is, I baked him this fun cake.

Not only was it delightful watching my dad's face as he cut open his rainbow surprise cake, but the cake went down a treat with everyone who tried it.

I found this design of cake on this blog http://omnomicon.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-to-make-rainbow-cake.html however I made my own cake batter from scratch!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

And here's something I baked earlier

In true Blue Peter stylee, I have more photos of my bakes then blog updates, so this little update is simply to post an older pic. These cupcakes were lovingly made for a visit from my parents and sister. They live a good few hours away and so I was really excited for them to come and visit and made some scrummy cupcakes for our catch up afternoon tea!

My dad's birthday is coming up this weekend so I shall be baking him a little something once he's decided what flavour of cake he'd like, photos to follow!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Firefighter's favourite

Now that my husband and in-laws and I are having to loosen our belts due to excessive cake eating (well a girl has to practice you know), it's been suggested by my fella that though he loves my cakes, it wouldn't do any harm to donate a few here and there to the worthy firefighters down at the station. So this strawberry jam victoria sponge bad boy was just for them...apparently it lasted for all of about 3 minutes and was devoured in quarters opposed to slices!

Ah, they are people after my own heart; those that believe cake is a main meal!

Choctastic strawbellistic cake

I recently had the pleasure of finally making a cake for somebody other than my caked out family. Believe it or not, people do get a little tired of cake, (I kid you not, and no I don't understand it either!)

So armed with an order for a white chocolate cake with strawberry topping, I got down to some serious cake research (is there a term for someone who is a cake geek?) and created this scrummy white chocolate ganache cake with strawberry layering on the inside and white chocolate ganache and shavings on top....and obviously as it was for a loving couple it was topped with strawberry hearts!

Monday, August 10, 2009

poppyseed goodness

So apologies first of all, I've been baking like a woman with a buttercream addiction, but I haven't been posting very regularly, so slapped wrist for me.

Anyhow, recently, I've been thinking about how to incorporate seeds into my cake-making ventures and so decided to start out with a well-loved classic; the poppyseed cake. My only tiny twists on the age-old version is making it as a loaf and sprinkling a handful of sunflower seeds on top.

The resulting cake was buttery and to die for, it was barely out of the oven before the family had devoured the lot! All in all, a thumbs up!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One of my favourites...yum!

I've just got back from a gorgeous wedding this weekend so I've not been baking at all this weekend....hence the baking shakes!

However, I have got a scrummy picture of a cardamom cake I made with pistachio mascarpone filling. It started off a little dry, but after sitting out for a little while it was soft, moist and divine!